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My Fellow JAG@Hyperchat Folks

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Thalia Naik - Rather interesting perspectives that led to further research of My own, and a few corrections to My own knowledge.

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Other Gorean Healing Scrolls

Gorean Medicine (Author Unknown)
The Library of Gorean Knowledge
City of Ko ro ba Medical Healing
Amukusa Healing Scrolls ~ No longer an active site.

General Gorean Information

Tahari Oasis
John Norman's World of Gor ~ No longer an active site.
Brackus's Scrolls, Scribe of Aria ~ No longer an active site.
Counter Urth ~ No longer an active site.

Herbs/Plants-Horticulture & Medical Uses

Spices of Life
Purdue University, NewCROP Online Resource Program
UCLA Biomedical Library, Medicinal Spices Exhibit
Blount Cultural Park
Purdue University, Agriculture Department ~ No longer an active site.
Herbs and Aromas ~ No longer an active site.
krahe Medicinal Plants ~ No longer an active site.

General Physician and Medical Information

Inner Body
Center for Disease Control
Ellie Crystal's Metaphysical and Science Website
Association of Reflexologists
Adaptation of New Choices in Natural Healing
Massage Free
SexInfo101 - Erotic Massage Techniques
Walton Home Soap Making
Traditional Soap Making ~ No longer an active site.
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