Training Slaves as Healers ~ I have no problem with slaves being trained in the healing arts, as long as it's under the guidance of a Physician. I have a problem with slaves just "knowing" things with no explanation as to how they learned it. Be that as it may, I hope that the slaves of My Home are proficient in first aid and know when the situation is beyond their experience. Given the status system of Gor, it is improbable to think that a slave could know as much as a Physician, however it is likely that one who worked / trained with a Physician would be observant enough to learn more than the basics, similar to nursing staff of Earth.

Cauterizing Wounds as Treatment ~ Cauterizing wands with energy cells to sear up bleeding are a common occurrence on most Gorean Medicine sites and I know this is a widely accepted form of treatment, but I disagree with the practice. Apparently, cauterizing is how all the "Old Schoolers" do it - douse the patient in paga then sear them up. I'll refrain from comment on this mentality, except to say that I won't do it. If something is bleeding so bad that it can't be stopped, it needs stitches, not burning. If it's just a flesh wound, why bother? All You would be doing is leaving a discolored scar and risking infection. That said, do what You wish, but to any slave of My Home that may be reading this, don't even think about it.

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